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Cherry Blossom Extravaganza

If you know me even just a little, you know one of my main inspirations in life is Cherry Blossom. The Sakura is just magnificent. The petals, the flowers, the different shades of pinks, the intoxicating smell, along with the beautiful weather, all make my mind go crazy and my heart sing. I mean it's a pink beautiful magic, that is happening for 2 weeks each year. Cherry blossom is the unicorn of blossoms! In general, I'm a happier person in spring.  Though I wasn't lucky enough to see the original Sakura in Japan (yet), I did manage to catch it in Washington DC this year, where the national all is covered with fluffy bloom, where every photo is a postcard waiting to...

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Shibori Museum Kyoto

While traveling to Japan, we decided to take a few classes in shibori technics. As designers, we’re always fascinated to learn more and more about local traditions and crafts, and as a fashion designer, I’m personally obsessed with hand dyeing, and fell in love with shibori long ago. As a part of our trip we stopped by the Kyoto Shibori Museum, the tiny museum is full with amazing artworks portraying many different shibori techniques like Kanoko shibori, Miura shibori, Kumo shibori, Arashi shibori and Itajime shibori, and a beautiful kimono collection. All very inspiring, and most are for sale. We called in advanced and scheduled both classes for us, the stitching and tying technique and the folding technique named, the...

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