Wow, I can't believe it's July already, and it's high summer, and we have been crazy working on the next Spring collection for our Japanese showroom. When you work a year ahead everything becomes a big mix of collections, we were shooting Spring 17 last September, we have a scheduled photoshoot next week for this upcoming fall collection and I am now debating pinks for next summer. Woooooow, it's confusing!
It is however really nice to remember the last photoshoot we made for this Desert Sun collection, which is by far our coolest, chicest collection to date (well, just wait until you see fall!). I have the most amazing team ever. My fashion photographer Jennie is just so amazing! I mean vogue quality! She has a great eye and the ability to capture the essence of what I was looking for. We have been working together closely and became really good friends so we kinda know each other so well by now. 
My model Anamae is this beautiful teenager (yes she is a teen!), she has gorgeous hair and a hickey :-) I love her! And my fantastic hair and makeup lady Ivette. We all work together to get the vision going!
For the Desert Sun Collection, inspiration for the shoot was light and shades. 
Check out the making of the photos, on the left, how it looked like when we were photographing, on the right, the actual photo! Amazing!!!
What do you think?