Lollapalooza & Coachella and other music festivals are the most important influencers... In fashion trends! 

So, whoever knows me well, knows I have a very random and quirky taste in music, I only like music that was created before 1999 from Lesley Gore to early Madonna, and from Aretha to Red Hot Chilly Peppers or from Men At Work to No Doubt. Disco, light rock, romantic pathetic songs (like Carly Simon's You're so Vain), oldies or very very very new hit songs I discover, right after my friend's 14 year old girls are over them (like Hot Chelle Rae & Justin Timberlake).

Anyways you get the picture. I do not go to music festivals for the music, I concentrate mainly on the outfits and the general Style-Palooza around me. Both Coachella and Lollapalooza are the holy grail of boho chic style at it's best! People are working it, head pieces, dresses, vintage cloths, shirts, summer, youth, jewelry, it is like a walking crowd of inspiration!

Photos taken from Elle

This is where couture meets street, where boho meets modern, where vintage meets brand new. It's just the perfect place to showcase your personal style and a fabulous place to find inspiration. Luckily to a fringe enthusiast like me, it's a big part of the style! 

Photos taken from Harpers Bazaar 

Here are my suggestions to all the music festival girls:



Which will you choose to wear?