California Dreaming

Last week, we took some time off and went to California, where the sun is shining and spring is actually happening (unlike NYC which has been brutal this year weather wise). So we took a break from the city by going to yet another city, Los Angeles.
It was my first time in LA, and though it was warmer in NYC that week and nothing I packed matched the weather (a big issue), we were able to have a good time. We started by going to a Hollywood Hills hike, I've always wanted to see the sign (I also wanted to drive around Beverly Hills looking for Brandon's house and see Rodeo Drive, but I got to see the sign...). I also haven't hiked since the 80s and again, had no matching cloths nor shoes (such a city girl...), so the 2 hour hike made me so tired I swore not to hike ever again (let me spoil it for you, I did hike only a day later in the desert). We than went to Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier bc well "All I wanna do is have some fun, until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard"
Obviously, I felt most comfortable walking around the hip neighborhoods, eating at Gjelina (Hello sweet pea toast, I love you!) enjoying Lavender ice cream (It's purple!), visiting Love Adorned LA, shopping for the hubby hemp t-shirt in cool boutiques (Wow LA has a fabulous menswear scene), enjoying the Hollywood farmers market (with the most gorgeous produce I have ever seen) & basically blending in.
From LA we went to the desert and to Palm Springs. I'll tell you all about it in my next post. Stay tuned...