Cactus Inspiration

Have you noticed cactuses are everywhere? It's like the pineapple craze was replaced by a cactus craze...
(photo taken in Union Square Farmers Market)
Cactuses are a big part of our upcoming collection inspiration. they are just so cool, with so many variants and shades of green and with flowers and without, and, well they are charming and resilient (though I manage to kill them on a regular basis...).
All of these photos were collected on pinterest and are a part of our new "Desert Sun" collection inspiration board (coming really soon). 
I have also been obsessing over some very cool products:
The  Urban Masquerade handmade artistic wood masks are the most amazing decor pieces you've seen in a while. Designed by my friend Tzachi theses are unique and fantastic. And the cactus collection, I mean do you need these or what?
Shop here
Another cool idea is this cactus shaped coffee capsule holder by MySheyne 
& if you are really into cactuses, here's a DIY for the most beautiful cactus macaroons by the fantastic Sugar & Cloth
So? What do you think?