Beautiful Foliage

Even though my favorite season is spring (flowers blooming equals optimism in my world), I can not be oblivious to how fantastic fall is. There is nothing like fall in the east coast.
I know I'm a little late this year, the foliage in NY has started a few weeks back and I have almost missed it. Me, cold weather, car, road trip, not so much, I'm more of a carbs on the sofa bing watching Good Girls Revolt kind of a girl. But this weekend was beautiful and crisp and I love the colors so I packed my hubby and called my cousin Alon, who is this hardcore world traveler and he took us for a day trip.
Where did we go? Well, NY, Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware River and finished at Bear Mountain. The autumn colors are just gorgeous, shades of yellow, red, pink, orange and brown all mixed together into a beautiful fall ensemble, leafs dancing in the wind, gathering together on a soft pile on the ground, I was amazed. we set down to have lunch in the most relaxing creek, it was just so heavenly (I wish it was warmer)... Climbed to an observatory, saw some hunters, and picked up leafs. 
I didn't take that many photos, was just absorbing and getting inspired, maybe it's a good thing...
Now winter is coming... See you in the snow!